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Powering a brighter, more resilient + sustainable future for industry

New Intelligence develop digital solutions that Improve performance through sustainable and efficient processes, which increase profit and employee engagement. 


Bringing data to life through people, technology and the environment together as one

Underpinned by digital solutions and powered by leading artificial intelligence, New Intelligence deliver software solutions to help businesses bring data to life through people, technology and the environment together as one to generate stronger insights + prescriptive recommendations that drive more successful and sustainable business improvement & digital transformation projects.


Industry Challenges


We want to improve the business but don’t know where to start


Our business is not performing and don’t know why or how to fix it


Our business is not sustainable at present we need to change


We are inefficient and need help finding out why or how to fix it


We are not making profit and don’t know why or how to fix it


We want to understand our people better but don't know how to engage


Meet Voyage 360, our flagship core technology

Originally developed as a remote, low carbon, cheaper, more accurate, transparent & collaborative alternative to wide view business consultancy services, V360's core algorithms now underpin a growing suite of narrow view applications across niche areas of focus including the manufacturing sector & disciplines ESG & HR.

The challenge

Representing 45% of all UK exports totalling 275bn, the UK manufacturing industry is vital to our economy, however it finds itself increasingly vulnerable due to globalisation, Brexit — and digitalisation. Largely due to a lack of funding and access to the skill required to digitally transform people + machines, the UK has been comparatively slow to adapt and innovate, lagging behind both major exporting countries such as China, Korea, US and Germany, and minor exporting countries such as Ireland, Poland and Lithuania. (HBR, 2020).

The solution

The first application of Voyage 360 software has been within the manufacturing industry to help SMEs respond to catch-up and compete. We developed Voyage 360 to open-up access to otherwise financially & logistically out-of-reach world-class business consultancy services by digitising (and developing) the knowledge of highly experienced transformation consultants using emerging machine learning & artificial intelligence science. In doing so, we’ve not only made business consultancy accessible to the smallest and most vulnerable SMEs, but by switching human opinion for data science we’ve removed any bias from consultancy recommendations and actions. 

  • Reduced project risk
    Access a sequenced recommendation roadmap based on proven logic, data science and artificial intelligence. Use our software to test and refine recommendations extensively in the virtual world, before physical investment & roll-out.
  • Reduced project costs
    Our monthly user-based subscription charge is far lower than ongoing consultancy fees, especially if your project requires multiple consultants. The total cost of use throughout your improvement journey is less than non-digital solutions alone. It brings the total cost of change down to an affordable rate by reducing the need for external support in parts of the process.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    Using a digital consultant over a travelling human consultant drastically reduces the amount of carbon used in the external audit and analysis phase of your business improvement project. Recommendation implementation will also generate lesser emissions as inefficient use of energy will be identified during the digital twinning phase of you project. We have a dedicated software solution for businesses looking to prioritise ESG and sustainability improvement. Our newest application, it uses our flagship AI powered V360 software (which supports consultants & end-users gather and analyse qualitative data from people) and merges its data with the quantitative data gathered from carbon sources. This combine allows you to realise the existing ESG measures in place and your employees’ understandings of, and sentiments towards them.
  • Improved employee buy-in and morale
    Our flagship software Voyage 360, is powered by people, its algorithms working to understand truths, priorities & sentiments to underpin your 'score' and recommendation roadmap. Your people will largely power your business improvement project — they will recognise and appreciate that, minimising disinterest and/or hostility. Bringing people and technology together in a harmonised environment, Voyage 360 engages a wide range of people within businesses – generating positive engagement / morale.
  • Improved performance tracking
    No need to wait for a report to understand progress towards your project goals. Each of our solutions provides dynamic visual dashboards so you can easily and quickly monitor the performance and impact of change initiatives.
  • Improved compliance reporting
    Visual elements from your V360 dashboards are downloadable, supporting you to create custom reports much faster with the most up-to-date data. Reporting capability provides you with quick structured information and details from your assessment which can be used to present to employees, clients or key stakeholders as well as for compliance reporting (i.e. ESG Reporting).


Why opt for a digital solution?

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Take your business to
the next level with Lean DMAIC digital consultancy

People, technology and environment data-driven improvement cycle designed to enable you to transform your business without the need for external, traditional consultancy services. 

1. Mapping
2. Diagnostic
3. Recommendations
4. Solutions
5. Insights

Structured around 5 core modules: Biz Mapping, Biz Diagnostic Biz Recommendation Engine, Biz Solution Store & Biz Optimiser, V360 supports end-users and consultants accurately audit, analyse and address a given business's particular strengths & challenges in a fraction of the time without.

The challenge

Demands on businesses to improve their ability to predict and generate foresight in their decision making process is becoming increasingly evident in the world today. The ability to problem solve in complex environments to improve capabilities and reduce risk of waste is common practice but challenging.

The ability to plan, forecast, develop and implement changes with minimal disruption to businesses & environment continues to be a problem. Technology, People and Process are the key to tackling this challenge of effective change. 

The solution

Digital twins give you insights into aspects of your business. You can then use these insights to make better decisions, plus you can automate the decision-making process with the dynamic recalibration of equipment, production lines, processes, and systems.


The forms they can come in are:

  • Component Twin

  • Asset Twin

  • System Twin

  • Process Twin


We develop sustainable solutions with you to solve your particular problem utilising Visual Components software, be it for discrete simulations, process flow data integration or marketing use.


Add-on or independent services to elevate, validate & accelerate efficiencies & outcomes

Alongside a variety of suppliers, further New Intelligence services can be accessed either via V360's Solution Store or requested independently here to implement business improvement solutions — whether in the virtual or physical world. For a number of years, New Intelligence has been at the forefront of the digitalisation revolution, both by ridding businesses of inefficient manual processes and poor decision making by championing & developing bespoke software solutions and digital twins.


Bring your business data to life through people, technology and the environment together as one


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