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i3 Group Solutions Digital Twin Portal

This page presents the digital twin solutions New Intelligence is developing for the i3 Group.

Testworks Manufacturing Dunfermline Unit M-O

The app to your right is the virtual reality model and simulation of the site, facility and assets. The model evolves in stages into a simulation model and finally into a digital twin as connections are made between real systems, assets and people.


  • Press on play icon to start digital twin app

  • Click bottom of app window for menu

  • Arrows for fwd, back and side movements

  • Right mouse click and drag gently to orbit

  • Click location buttons top right to teleport

  • Click full screen icon in bottom tool bar

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Simulation Objective

“How do we maximise our market opportunity within the existing footprint by building on our blue chip client base, grow revenues and margin whilst creating new high value Scottish jobs”?

Raymond Giudice; Managing Director

Further Scenarios

To further optimise the performance of the site, it is recommended to evaluate the scenario options below and simulate shortlisted scenarios in line with business objectives and technical and financial feasibility.

“Capacity, cycle time, throughput and space utilisation can underpin increased revenue and margin:

Note: Sequence and costs will be dictated by the growth product mix”.

Scenario Options:

  • Increase shift patterns, maximum would be 4 x 12-hour shift pattern or 6 x 8-hour shift pattern)

  • Introduce U-shaped single piece flow (example)

  • Robotic soldering

  • Upgrade screen printer to in-line version

  • Load Pick and Place from load station stacker unit

  • Increase vacuum points from 1 to 8 on Pick n Place

  • Connect Screen printer to Pick and Place (in-line conveyor or Cobot upgrade)

  • Connect Pick and Place to Re-flow oven (in-line conveyor or Cobot upgrade)

  • Connect Re-flow oven to AOI inspection

  • Utilise AIVs to move components and free up operators

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